Easily earn N90,000 monthly on Hawkit using your phone with these simple steps

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To earn N90,000 monthly on Hawkit could be simple like ABC.

There are many freelancing platforms in Nigeria, and Hawit is among the good ones I have used and can recommend.

Like Nairaworkers, Hawit is a marketplace that brings freelancers together with advertisers or clients to conduct business. With Hawit, freelancers can post advertisements on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and even WhatsApp and get paid.

Hawit is very versatile; aside from posting adverts on your social media, freelancers can also make money by reselling products and goods advertised on the platform to get a commission. Products like automobiles, mobile phones, electronics, shoes, bags, jewelry, perfumes, etc can be resold.

As a registered member, you can perform tasks and advertise your product on the marketplace for buyers all over Nigeria.

Furthermore, members can buy data and recharge cards at a subsidized rate which they can resell and make some money. Hawit has 200,000 members, 50,000 advertisers, 10,000,000 advert reviews, and its mobile application has 300,000 downloads. Now, that’s some great numbers if you ask me.

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Earn Monthly on Hawkit
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How do you make N90,000 monthly on Hawik?

I know this is the most important aspect of the discussion, and yes, it is possible to earn N90,000 per month, and I will be showing you step by step in this article.

Step One: Registering an Account on Hawit

1. Visit https://hawkit.ng/ on your mobile phone or computer.

2. Create a free account by providing your full name and clicking on sign-up (use your real name for future payments).

Earn Monthly on Hawkit
Earn Monthly on Hawkit

3. Enter your username, email, and password, then click “Create account.”

Earn Monthly on Hawkit

4. Verify your account through the email sent to you.

If you have any challenges with creating your account drop me a message in the comment section.


Step Two: Performing Tasks and Earning Money on Hawit

1. Log in to your Hawit account. Please note that, unlike platforms like Nairaworkers, Hawit requires a one-time payment of N1,000 to activate your account. This payment unlocks the ability to advertise your products and resell others on the platform.

2. Once activated, click “Earn” in the menu section, then select “Get Started.”

Earn Monthly on Hawkit

3. Choose the platform for posting ads—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or WhatsApp—and start earning. You’ll receive N100 per ad posted on any platform except WhatsApp, which offers N50 per post.

Earn Monthly on Hawkit

4. Complete 30 jobs paying N100 each to earn N3,000 daily and N90,000 monthly.

Ready to take control of your financial future? Register on Hawit now! Seize this opportunity, and let your journey to financial independence begin.

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