7 Side hustles students can pursue in the UK, Canada, and other Countries to make extra money

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7 Side hustles students can pursue in the UK, Canada, and other Countries to make extra money.

For some time now, the UK, Canada, Netherlands, and Australia have been preferred study locations for many foreign students worldwide. Students flock to these countries due to their flexible immigration policies to pursue their academic ambitions. However, one challenge these countries face is a shortage of work opportunities for immigrants, mostly students.

A significant number of students who travel abroad sponsor themselves through school, requiring them to work to cover the high bills they incur during their stay.

In this article, we will explore 7 side hustles that foreign students can undertake to help manage their expenses.

portrait of young woman with laptop in hands outside a school
7 Side hustles students can pursue in the UK
portrait of young woman with laptop in hands outside a school
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7 Side hustles students can pursue in the UK, Canada

1. Cooking

One lucrative side hustle for foreign students is cooking for other students who are willing to pay. You can earn extra income by preparing meals for those who are either busy, not adept in the kitchen, or simply too lazy to cook.

Not every foreign student is a hustler; some come from wealthy homes and can afford to pay for someone to prepare their meals. I know a friend who has made a considerable amount of money in the UK by preparing African dishes for other students. She consistently receives orders from clients, primarily rich students from affluent families. If you excel in cooking, this is a side hustle worth exploring.

2. Cleaning

Similar to cooking, you can offer cleaning services to other students and earn some additional cash for yourself. Some affluent students may lack the time to clean their rooms or do their laundry, and you can fill in as their handyman, making extra money in the process.

3. Hairdressing

For those skilled in hairdressing, this can be a lucrative side hustle. Many students, like a female friend of mine, find it cost-effective to patronize fellow students for hair services. If you have the skill, consider offering hairdressing services to cut costs for fellow students.

4. Barbing (Barber Services)

Similar to hairdressing, providing barber services can be a profitable side hustle for male students. Due to currency differences, some students may find it more affordable to have their hair cut by other students who are skilled in barbering.

5. Pastry Making

Students often pay for pastries and cakes for house parties and special occasions. If you have baking skills, you can earn extra income by providing these services to your peers.

6. Importation of Food Stuffs

Acting as a middleman in the importation of foodstuffs can be a lucrative hustle. You can connect students or colleagues who need specific food items with companies involved in importation, earning a commission for each sale.

7. Tutoring

Offering tutoring services is a common and effective way for students to earn extra money. Whether assisting with assignments or teaching a language, students can provide valuable support to their peers and make some cool cash.

In conclusion, it’s advisable for foreign students to engage in one or two side hustles, as the income from regular work may not always cover the high bills in these countries. To attract clients, consistently promote your services in community WhatsApp groups and other relevant platforms.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Thank you for reading.

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