How to Start Poultry Farming the right way without losing your capital

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How to start Poultry Farming the right way for beginners.

One of the discouraging aspects of poultry farming is when you start losing your birds to sickness or other natural disasters. In this article, we will be looking at how to start up a poultry farm business the right way.

What is Poultry Farming?

The term poultry farming is quite popular, as most people engage in this lucrative business venture and make a living out of it. Poultry farming is the process of rearing birds (chickens) and bird products (eggs) for profit-making and consumption. The poultry farmer undertakes to raise the birds from the chick level to maturity for the main purpose of selling and making a profit. The chicks are the little birds which are 1-5 days old

There are various levels of poultry farming:

  1. Production of Eggs
  2. Hatching and selling of day-old chicks
  3. Rearing of the chicks to maturity for meat consumption and profit
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How to Start Poultry Farming the Right Way
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For this article, I will be dealing with the third level of poultry farming, which is rearing chickens for meat consumption and profit. My reason for focusing on this level is that it is easier and less technical, with fewer technicalities and financial involvements compared to egg production and hatching of day-old chicks. It also requires a smaller portion of land and fewer personnel to handle.

I am looking at a poultry business you can start in your backyard with little or no capital. Yes, I said little or no capital. I know you may be asking, “How do you start a poultry business without capital?” Well, I will tell you how in my next post.

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How to Start Poultry Farming the Right Way
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Step-By-Step Procedures on How to Start Poultry Farming the Right Way Without Losing Your Capital

1. Consider the Space:
The first thing to consider before going into poultry farming is the space available for the business. For this post, let’s consider the backyard of your house. Also, keep in mind that poultry farming attracts offensive odors from the birds, so you must ensure you clean the cage regularly.

2. Put up a Poultry Farm Structure (Cage):
Construct the cage for the birds in such a way that there is cross-ventilation. The cage should be prepared with net all around, and the ground must be a solid floor. Make provision for strong waterproof nylon to cover the cage when needed, especially when you bring the day-old chicks into the cage.

3. Buying Chicks (A Day Old):
Research trusted poultry farmers and buy from them to avoid the risk of buying unhealthy chicks or chicks that were not properly bred in terms of good nutrition. With ₦100,000.00 or more, you can start with about 100 day-old chicks and, in less than two months, you can sell fully grown chickens.

4. Feeding the Chickens:
Begin with already prepared feeds until you are familiar with feed production. Buy feeds from trusted sellers and wait until you can prepare the feeds yourself.

5. Vaccination:
This is a key point that newbies often overlook. Failure to vaccinate at the assigned time can lead to the loss of all your birds. Engage a professional to prescribe the right drugs for vaccinating your birds. If you don’t know any professionals, let me know, and I can recommend one for you.

6. Selling the Birds:
When your birds are ready for the market, attracting customers becomes crucial. Inform friends and family about your business early on. Offer to deliver birds to them at their convenience to entice them to buy.

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How to Start Poultry Farming the Right Way
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Other Key Points to Consider in Poultry Farming

7. Poultry Equipment:
Purchase the following poultry equipment:

  • Feeders: devices for supplying feeds to the birds
  • Waterers: devices for supplying water to the birds
  • Perches: resting places for birds
  • Brooders or heaters: heated structures for raising young fowl. If you lack the funds for these devices, a charcoal stove can serve the same purpose.
  • Waste/disposal system: Sawdust is preferable for disposing of bird feces. Contact me if you want more information about sawdust or where to buy it.

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