Expert Tips and Best Practices for YouTube Monetization Part 1 by Dr. Audus Michael

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Expert Tips and Best Practices for YouTube Monetization.

Dr. Audus Michael is an award-winning IT consultant and YouTube expert. In this live session with members of the 10,000 YouTube Usher community, a group of YouTube enthusiasts, he delves into YouTube and shares important tips to help YouTube creators scale up their channels for monetization.

Ordinary people are turning to YouTube to make a decent living out of creating online videos. If this is not why you are here, then you need to reconsider, and I will tell you why. With more than 3 billion active users each month, YouTube has become more than just a place for cat videos. A lucrative YouTube career is now possible even for ordinary people like you and me. Just take a look at famous YouTubers like me.

I’m sure I’m famous, right? Well, jokes aside, we all can become famous if we want to, and many of us can choose not to be famous but constantly make cool cash. Some of us are okay facing the camera; those categories of people don’t mind falling into the category of famous YouTubers because they show their faces on camera. Some of us, on the other hand, are very shy, like me. So those of us can be added to the category of people who need money but don’t need to show our faces. These two categories are very much accepted and available to showcase their content to the world through their YouTube channel.

Expert Tips and Best Practices for YouTube Monetization

Even though it might sound easy to become an overnight YouTube sensation, making a career out of YouTube does take work. Contrary to what many people think, a YouTuber career isn’t quick and easy money. I just need to prepare your mind. It is possible to make money, like some of us do, but it will require a whole lot, and I will get into it in a second. Know this now, with more than 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, you can’t expect your channel to stand out and get massive views without lifting a finger. You must be ready to bring some essential skills to the table to become a successful YouTuber. Period. If anyone tells you anything different, it’s a lie.

Expert Tips and Best Practices for YouTube Monetization
Dr. Audus Michael
Expert Tips and Best Practices for YouTube Monetization

But wait, I forget to tell you something… Those days of struggling to make this whole point I just raised up are OVER. These days you need to work smart, not work hard anymore, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. But even though you can work smart, you will still not succeed if you don’t have someone, a community that is dedicated to helping you grow and put that smartness to good use. This is where we come in, with everything you need to know. Every process that we have tried, some failed, some worked, and many paid off. This has given us the upper hand to be able to show you where to go, what to do, and what not to do. Because our mistakes have taught us so much, and we have leveraged our failures, turning them into success stories that made you believe in us in the first place, that we are the solution to your YouTube career and online business, in general.

Can you please clap for us? It’s not easy, but God and our relentlessness pave the way for us. So, now that we all have created our YouTube channels, what’s next? And in case you really don’t know the importance of joining the YouTube community, let me share this with you:

Entertainment: YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform, with over 2 billion active users. It is a popular source of entertainment for people of all ages and interests. Users can watch videos on a wide range of topics, including music videos, comedies, sketches, vlogs, educational content, and more.

Education: YouTube is also a valuable educational resource. There are millions of educational videos available on the platform, covering a wide range of subjects, from basic math and science to more advanced topics like programming and engineering. YouTube can be a great way to learn new skills, review concepts taught in school, or simply expand your knowledge base.

Inspiration: YouTube can also be a source of inspiration. Many people use the platform to watch videos of people who are doing things they admire, whether it’s starting a business, traveling the world, or creating art. Watching these videos can give viewers the motivation to pursue their own goals and dreams.

Community: YouTube is also a social platform. Users can subscribe to channels they enjoy, comment on videos, and interact with other users. This can help people to connect with others who share their interests and build a sense of community.

Economic opportunity: YouTube has created economic opportunities for millions of people around the world. Creators can earn money from their videos through advertising, sponsorships, and channel memberships. This has allowed many people to turn their passion for creating videos into a full-time career.

Now, I know you will say, “Full-time career, lol.” A lot of people have left their 9 to 4 jobs for YouTube business. So pay very much attention to what we design for you in this our community. If only you knew the great minds behind this amazing initiative, you would make sure you provide your 100% attention to our commitment toward your growth as a YouTuber and online business consultant. I’m sure you are getting the point now.

So what’s next after you have created your YouTube channel? A lot. Let me walk you through what we have in mind in our phase one of this amazing community project (10,000 Youtube Ushers). Doing everything to help you get your channel monetized is a huge priority for us all. One of the pioneer founders of 10,000 YouTube Ushers, Mr Able Wealth does not sleep as a result of him attending to all your need. So also we behind the scenes are doing what we need to do to make this become a reality. So this is before your channel is ready for monetization and also after it is monetized.

Lets hit the points:

Out-of-the-box ideas

YouTube videos are all about content. After all, video is a medium that lends itself well to creative expression. That’s why you always need to come up with fresh and unique content to catch more eyeballs and gain subscribers. When you offer viewers something unique and create original video content, it’s most likely to spark their curiosity and generate clicks on your YouTube video. And we are here to help you navigate everything you will need to make this all possible.

Remember I keep saying phase one, everything we are doing now, and what we intend to achieve toward the success of gaining subscribers is still under phase one. This should only tell you how many phases this amazing community leader has for us. Well, the answer to this is everything that will make you successful as a YouTuber and online business consultant.

So don’t worry even if you are terribly camera-shy, have zero knowledge, and all you have is a cheap smartphone – 10,000 YouTube Ushers will unravel all of that. This is our commitment to you, so stay glued to us as we take you on constant tips and tricks that will help you navigate towards all you need to succeed in your career or side hustle business (YouTube Business).

Here is the first thing to keep in mind:


Set Up A Magnetic Channel That Grows!

Tip: Brainstorm and Generate Channel Ideas and Niches with Great Growth Potential.

Let me break it down. The first thing you will need to ask yourself that will help propel you to success in YouTube business is:

  1. What are the gifts that I have?
  2. What are the talents that I have?
  3. What are the skills that I have?
  4. What do I have a passion for that I can put to use in creating content?
  5. Then the last part is, what experience do I have that I can share on my channel, and people from around the globe will rush to come to learn from me?

These are very important questions you must ask yourself. If these questions are not asked and are not put in mind as you push through the business of running a YouTube channel, it will get to a point where you will just wake up one morning and find out that it’s almost two years since you posted content on that channel. You know why? Because you did not build the foundation for the business. Once it’s baseless, it will never become a priority, thereby giving you a reason not to put more attention to its growth. So, you must validate the Ideas. So once we handle this, we then need to stick with the Big Three.

This time am discussing what type of niche you will then put any of the following that you decide.

  1. What are the gifts, talents, skills, passion, & experience that you have?
  2. What career or business are you in?
  3. What keeps people awake?
  4. What are some “hot” needs, concerns, problems, & questions that a lot of people are surfing the internet, YouTube to be precise for answers?
  5. What is already working?
  6. What is popular & what is trending?


With all this in mind, I don’t think you will have no reason to run out of what to upload on your channel. Plus, we are also here to provide all the support you need.

The big three:

  1. Wealth (and Business): Finance, Money, Investing, Real Estate. Marketing, Advertising, Sales, etc.
  2. Health (And Beauty): Food, Diet, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness, Strength Training, Productivity, Mental Health, etc.
  3. Relationships (and Sex): Love, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, etc.

LET ME BRING THIS DOWN HERE AGAIN: What are the gifts, talents, skills, passion, & experience that you have? What career or business are you in? What keeps people awake? What are some “hot” needs, concerns, problems, & questions that a lot of people are surfing the internet, YouTube to be precise for answers? What is already working? What is popular & what is trending? From the big three, what do you think you have that can PROPEL any of the following BIG THREE NICHES?

Let me give you an example: I am an IT coach and mentor; I am into ICT both teaching and services oriented. THIS IS MY SKILLS, AND EXPERIENCE: I write songs, and I rap, I diskjockey (DeeJay). This is my talent and gifts. For passion, I can say I like to teach, I like to write songs, I like to record mix tapes and play for any celebration as a DJ, I like to manage artists, I like to swim and I like to play table tennis, and I am ready to teach anyone what I know how to do.

So those things you know how to do effortlessly open doors for you on YouTube because you can teach anyone how to do it. Once you are able to sort this out, which I believe you can ask for guidance if you are not sure, and then ready to move to the next stage.

Tip: Plan To Achieve a Well-Branded, SEO-Optimized, Fully-Customized Channel.

>> Branding: Descriptive name, 2-3 channel colors, & detailed value-based channel description (+keywords)

>> Make YouTube algorithm constantly promote you by:

>> Using stuff that draws people to your channel and videos and keeps them on YouTube:

>> Channel Assets: Banner, Icon, About, Bumper, Trailer, etc. I am sure you should know this by now.


Learn How To Quickly & Easily Create Simple But Amazing, Value-packed Videos – With High Virality Potentials (HVP). Even If You Are Terribly Camera-shy, Naturally Boring, & The Only Gadget You Have Is Your Smartphone! Create Simple, Valuable Videos That Keep People on YouTube!

Tip: Generate Many Interesting Video Topics, & Get Content & Keywords.

>> Check Google & YouTube for interesting topics in your niche – and write out at least 52 topics!

>> Use the Skyscraper Technique to research videos that are already working and make them better!

>> Get keywords: exact words and phrases people use when searching online (Google & YouTube suggestions)

>> Use these words and phrases in your video, thumbnail, title, description, tags, and comments.

PRO-TIPS! >> Your videos MUST be STRONGLY educating, informing, or entertaining. STRONGLY!

>> If you can’t make at least 1 video EVERY week (WITHOUT FAIL), leave YouTube.

>> If your Title and Thumbnails are not EXTREMELY MAGNETIC, forget it!

>> After uploading, FILL UP & FILL IN EVERYTHING!

>> After uploading, PROMOTE VIDEO LIKE HELL!!! You can have a profitable channel WITHOUT professional gadgets and WITHOUT showing your face!


5 Ultimate Monetization Models You Must Adopt Even If You Have A Brand-New Channel With Less Than 100 Subscribers!

Tip#1: Always Remember The Truths About YouTube Monetization!

>> Give, give, and give… before asking.

>> Focus on giving and building first, not money.

>> Build a list (collect emails and phone numbers). This is very important: “The money is in the list!”

>> Apart from making money, you can use YouTube for Branding and Traffic

>> Start Here: Affiliate Marketing: Promote & Sell other people’s products/services and get commissions!

Tip 2: Use The 5 Basic Monetization Models!

>> YouTube AdSense

>> Create and Sell Products/Services

>> Affiliate Marketing

>> Brand deals and sponsorships

>> Fan funding and support

3 Simple But Powerful Steps:

Step 1: I used my phone and laptop to create simple but professional videos on “Hot Topics”

Step 2: I optimized my channel and videos in a way that the videos will achieve popularity and virality.

Step 3: I monetized my channel and videos using different monetization models.

Now, I Know What You Are Thinking… “These things & steps are too many” “I don’t even understand some of these steps” “These things are too technical & I don’t know all these computer things” “I don’t have the time to do all of these” “Where do I start from?” “How do I do these things? I need more details and steps” Don’t Worry! That is why you are in our community.

So I am close for today, so we can have time to digest all this. I would like you to make sure you go to any of the stores, be it the Play Store or Apple Store, to install XRECORDER. This is for you to be able to record your screen. Also, look for an app or online website that you can use to compress videos after you record your screen. All this and many more will be discussed as we open the group back.

Dr. Audus Michael is an energetic vocational training manager and administrator with experience in creating and completing soft skills training programs in urban communities. Very enthusiastic in working to help students develop and maintain goal-oriented study habits for consistent career success.

Equally skilled at one-on-one and group coaching using adaptable mentoring strategies for different types of learners. Accustomed to both in-person and online instruction for flexibility and multimedia integration to maximize training engagement.

He was awarded a distinguished (Diamond) lifetime achievement and investiture as the national patron of the Institute of Leadership Manpower and Management Development (ILMMD) in recognition of his illustrious contribution to the growth of humanity and the development of society. He is a creative IT professional with almost 15 years in the tech industry. Since then, he has devoted his time to building a strong community for Youth Empowerment & community vocational training. He holds an HND in Computer Science and a Masters in Data Science and Business Analytics from McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin.

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